You can review the license and installation information from this page, generate a license request or update the system licenses with a license file you got from CAMAG. You will have to send the license request file to CAMAG. The license request file has to be generated on the computer where visionCATS will run but you can transfer the file to another computer (e.g. with an USB stick) in case the installation computer has no network access.

The license request file will contain a unique key generated from hardware information. CAMAG will not be able to retrieve the hardware information from the key but the license file you will receive is linked to this hardware key. Therefore it is not possible to use license files from different computers.


The software as well as the connected instruments can be fully used during an evaluation period of 60 days. Before termination of this evaluation period an Activation key need to be requested from CAMAG. If the activation key is not ordered by the end of the 60 day evaluation period, the software is blocked. After the import of activation keys, the software and instruments can be used according to the previously bought options.

  • Open Options ‣ View License ‣ introduction and follow the instruction

  • Press Export License Request button and save the LicenseRequest.erq file in an adequate folder

  • Send the just created LicenseRequest.erq file as e-Mail attachment to

  • Upon return of the activation key from CAMAG, save it in an adequate folder

  • Open Options ‣ View License ‣ Instruments and press the button Import License Key, an explorer type window will open allowing you to select the received activation key (*.eky)

  • press Open and confirm the activation key installation with OK followed by Next

  • visionCATS program will now jump to the sub-tab Program Installation Information. Verify that the purchased visionCATS options are marked License available in green color; press Instruments to view also License available for the registered instruments

  • A single activation Key (*.eky) may contain additional activation keys for several instruments and/or software options, depending on the ordered options