Sample Sequence

The sample sequence edit view contains three main areas: A toolbar, the sequence itself and the alignment setup view.


A) Sequence toolbar with (left to right):

add_button Overspot
table_row_eraser Delete the content of a track only
table_row_remove Remove a track and its content
table_row_insert Add an empty track
table_row_up Move track up
table_row_down Move track down
clip_cut Cut track
clip_copy Copy track
clip_paste Paste track content
table_insert_copied Insert copied / cut tracks
align_left align_center Track alignment setting: Align the tracks on the plate beginning on the left side or centered

B) Sequence View with:

B1) Overspotting track (will be applied on top of the already existing track)
B2) Blank track (data of this track will be available for later computations)
B3) Track overlap (does not fit on plate with current track layout