Backup / Restore

As the data is stored in a database (except the pictures), a backup procedure of the database is necessary. The backup process generates a dump file of the database as well as the picture folder. With the manual restore process, it is possible to restore the database as well as the pictures. The backup-data-file has to be stored at a safe place.


Physical backup of the database is not a proper way to save data produced with visionCATS and will lead to data loss if a restore would be needed! CAMAG strongly recommends performing regular backups.



If you have global backup system on the server or on the whole network, using visionCATS Backup Tool still permit you to prepare all files in one place before your backup system take them. In this case, it is better to backup visionCATS data in a plain folder, not a ZIP file, to permit incremental backup by your system.


If the ZIP file resulting of the backup is too big for your own backup storage media (DVD, cloud…), you can backup to a plain folder to split after files in smaller packet, or to sync directly the folder.