Export of data

All data export are done in the CSV format, which can be opened or used in spreadsheet and/or computing software.

Export of peaks table

Following properties are exported:

  • Start position

  • Start height

  • Max position

  • Max height

  • End position

  • End height

  • Area

  • Assigned substance (if available)

The data is exported from the upper table in the integration tab. Depending on the view (1 track, all tracks or even MWL) the peaks are exported.

The user shall be able to correlate the wavelength the track number and the peak table.

You can export the peaks table in Integration with the button exportpeaks

Export of profiles data

Not depending on the source of the data (scanner or visualizer), the user can export the selected profile data (single or multi-track, single or multi wavelength)

The data shall be constructed per track, and then per wavelength (one set of data per track per wavelength).

These additional metadata are exported:

  • Vial ID and sample name

Export of raw profiles

You can export the raw profiles in The Data View with the button exportprofiles

Export of integrated profiles

The data are exported depending on the parameters that are set (bounds active or not, smoothing filter, baseline). These parameters are exported in the metadata for each set of data.

  • Bounds active (if active, minimal and maximal bounds)

  • Smoothing active (if yes, which filter and its parameters)

  • Baseline (if active, then which algorithm and used parameters)

  • Peak detection (if active, algorithm + parameters)

You can export the integrated profiles in Integration with the button exportprofiles , in the expanded part of the Profiles viewer toolbar.