For method, you can only select the template used for analysis made from this method.

The report will produce printable documents of your analysis as well as the possibility to move and save the data of analysis to different file types like PDF, Excel, Word.

  • Report Settings: select the report mode, the template and other options

  • Preview: the report itself

Report Settings


Report has two different mode:

  • fullplate Full plate mode: the pictures of the whole plate are displayed.

  • samples Samples mode: for each sample, the area corresponding to the track is displayed for each picture.

    You can select the wanted samples in the sequence table.


    Each sample is displayed on a separate report page.

Report options

  • Images per page width: in full plate mode, you can have either two small photos of the plate on the same line (two columns) or one big photo.

  • Image options: image’s annotations can be enable or disabled per annotation type.

  • Report elements: the report is divided by analysis steps. For Chromatography and Data Acquisition, it is sub-divided by TLC steps (therefore depending on your analysis). You can select which elements you want to have in the report.


These report settings aren’t saved, if you switch the tabs or close the analysis, on return the default values will be set again. If you want to save your setting, you should save them as a template.


The active template is here displayed (or none if none template is selected).


Even if you change settings, the active template remains displayed, as it will be used (and not the modified settings) after a tab or a file switch.

If you want to save and reuse (in this analysis or others) the settings, you should Save as template.


You need to enter a name for the template (mandatory), and optionally a description.

For using a template, you should Load template.



In this part, you will see the report preview.


The toolbar provides navigation and print/export functionalities:

  • navback Navigate back in history

  • navforward Navigate forward in history

  • stop Stop

  • refresh Refresh

  • firstpage Go to first page

  • prevpage Go to previous page

  • Go to a specific page

  • Total number of pages

  • nextpage Go to next page

  • lastpage Go to last page

  • print_preview Print Preview: switches between Logical and Physical page renderer. In Logical mode, you will only see one page in preview (more in Samples mode), in Physical the report is splitted on several pages, like what you will get from a printer.

  • print Print

  • export Export: Export and save the report to a specific file.


    Extension Name


    Acrobat (PDF) file


    Renders a report in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

    CSV (comma delimited)


    Renders a report in comma-delimited format. The report can be opened in a viewing tool associated with CSV file formats.

    Excel 97-2003


    Renders a report in Microsoft Excel. The report can be opened in Microsoft Excel 97 or later.

    Excel Worksheet


    Renders a report in Microsoft Excel 2007 format (also known as OpenXML).

    Rich Text Format


    Renders a report in Rich Text Format. The report can be opened in Microsoft Word 97 or later.

    Web Archive


    Renders a report in MHTML. The report can be opened in Internet Explorer.

    Word Document


    Renders a report in Microsoft Word 2007 format (also known as OpenXML).

    XPS Document


    Renders a report in XML Paper Specification (XPS) format. The report can be opened in Microsoft XPS Viewer.

At the bottom, you can change the zoom level of the preview.