Display Options

In this view, you can change how some specific user interface elements are displayed. If you have User Management activated, these options become user specific options. Each user will see its own set.


Method and analysis options

  • Sequence preview display mode: by default Vial ID and description, but you can choose to display only the Vial ID or the description.

  • ATS4 Rack: the vial position in the rack can be set automatically or manually when filling the sequence table.

  • Profiles viewer bands: by default, the Profiles viewer displays a thick band for each profile; you can display it as a line instead.

  • Profiles viewer default display: by default, the Profiles viewer displays profiles in isometric view (3D), you can force it to see by default the profile view (2D).

Dialogs options

Some dialogs are for information only, and can become annoying for the expert user. It is possible to prevent them from being shown, and you can also choose to redisplay them.