Comparison Tool

The Comparison tool lets you compare individual tracks from the same or different plates side-by-side.


A number of user interface related features will help you to compare the tracks:

  1. Zoom in/out to have a detailed view of specific tracks, or to have a global view of many tracks

  2. Select the different available illuminations, either for the currently selected tracks or for all the tracks

  3. Collapse/Expand tracks to focus on the tracks you’re currently interested in

  4. When hovering over a track, see its related information

  5. Place horizontal lines to focus on specific Rf positions by clicking on one of the two rulers

A number of features will help you to manipulate the tracks:

  • Drag and drop one or more tracks inside or though the References and the Samples sections.

  • Duplicate or delete tracks (options available when right-clicking on a track).

  • Copy/paste one or more tracks inside a comparison or to another one.


When exporting tracks from an analysis to a comparison, the White balance and Normalize exposure parameters set in the analysis are also applied in the tracks shown in the comparison, but other parameters, like Clarify, are not applied.


When exporting tracks to a comparison which already has tracks coming from the source analysis, any modification to the RF tool in between has to be applied in the existing tracks coming from this analysis in the comparison. This allows the comparison to stay coherent. In case of a redo of the analysis or an execution of new Visualizer steps in between, the re-export to comparison is not allowed.

A comparison report is also available, and for each sample, the full sample report can be added to the comparison report.