DataView Toolbar

The data Toolbar contains all tools you can use on the image data.



Depending on the size of the window, some tools may not appear directly. When available, use the bottom arrows next to each toolbar to use the hidden tools.

General tools

  • select Select

    The default tool used to select or edit added elements on the images.

  • grab Grab

    Grab the image with this tool and move it in any direction to set a new view.

  • savetodisk Save Image to disk

    Export and save the image on the computer file system. Different options are available.

  • copyclipboard Copy Image to clipboard

    The displayed image is copied in the clipboard, and can be pasted in another application (Word, Excel, etc…)

RF Tools and Tracks

  • rftool RF Tools

    Toggle the visibility of the RF line and/or RF scale and change the color of both.

    • RF Lines

    • RF Scale

  • resetrftool Reset RF Tool positions

    Reset the current RF Tool to its original position.

  • rftip RF Tip

    Mark a spot on the plate with the exact RF value.

    • Display RF value

    • Display metric position

  • sequence Sequence

    Toggle the visibility of the track sequence and set its color.

  • adjustsequence Adjust Sequence position

    Allow to do the fine tuning of the absolute position of the tracks and their width.

  • resetposition Reset position

    Reset the sequence position to its original values.

  • selectriontocomparison Selection to comparison

    Extract the selected track(s) and paste them into the comparison tool.

  • generateprofile Generate Profiles

    Generates the profiles of all the (non-clean) images of the current analysis based on the current position of the RF Tool.


    Deletes all output data (peaks, assignments, calibration functions and results) for evaluations based on a Visualizer step. Only available if the current analysis does not contain any locked evaluation based on a Visualizer step.

  • labels Labels

    Turn automatic labelling for the tracks on or off. Select a combination of Vial ID, description, application volume or sequence number (i.e. track number) to be displayed.

    • Vial ID

    • Description

    • Application Volume

    • Sequence Number

Always hidden in the toolbar overflow:

  • rftoolcolor RF tool color

  • sequencecolor Sequence color

  • labelssize Labels text size

Image Settings

  • spotamp Spot Amp

    Amplify a region on the plate (contrast of an averaged small area on plate).

  • wb White Balance

    Select a small area on the image and adjust the color of the whole image to make this area exactly white.

  • resetchanges Reset changes

    Reset the Image settings adjustments (Spot Amp, Parameters and White Balance).

  • normalize Normalize exposure (HDRI images only)

    The saturation of the defined zone (exposure range) is normalized to 85%.

  • showexporange Show exposure range

    The current exposure range is displayed and can be modified graphically.

  • resetexporange Reset exposure range

    The exposure range is reset to the original value, which is the first track of the plate.

  • clarify Clarify (HDRI images only)

    Virtually change the illumination setting after capturing. Makes weak spots visible.

    • Enhancement slider

  • crop Crop image

    Remove or show the 5mm background around each plate image.

  • cp Clean Plate Correction

    Clean plate correction lets you subtract an image of the clean plate from images after chromatography. There is already some structure on the plate before chromatography (like background noise in an audio recording). The subtraction will result in a cleaner, sharpened image of the plate.


  • text Text

    Create a text box to put a comment on the plate image.

  • arrow Arrow

    Indicate a specific area on the plate image with an arrow.

  • delete Delete

    Delete the selected Annotation items.

  • copy Copy

    Copy the selected Annotation items.

  • paste Paste

    Paste the selected Annotation items.

Always hidden in the toolbar overflow:

  • textcolor Color

    Change the color of selected Annotation items.

  • bold Bold

    Set text weight of selected Annotation items to bold.

  • italic Italic

    Set text weight of selected Annotation items to italic.

  • underline Underline

    Set text weight of selected Annotation items to underline.

  • rotleft Rotate Left

    Rotate selected Annotation items counter clock-wise.

  • rotright Right Rotate

    Rotate selected Annotation items clock-wise.

  • textfont Font

    Set text font of selected Annotation items.

  • textsize Text size

    Set text size of selected Annotation items.