Sample Sequence

The sample sequence edit view contains three main areas: A toolbar, the sequence itself and the alignment setup view.


A) Sequence toolbar with (left to right):

  • add_button Overspot

  • table_row_eraser Delete the content of a track only

  • table_row_remove Remove a track and its content

  • table_row_insert Add an empty track

  • table_row_up Move track up

  • table_row_down Move track down

  • clip_cut Cut track

  • clip_copy Copy track

  • clip_paste Paste track content

  • table_insert_copied Insert copied / cut tracks

  • align_left align_center Track alignment setting: Align the tracks on the plate beginning on the left side or centered

B) Sequence View with:

B1) Overspotting track (will be applied on top of the already existing track)
B2) Track overlap (does not fit on plate with current track layout