Global Configuration



  • Exposure normalization for images: By default, the normalization will automatically be activated for HDRI image.

  • TLC Visualizer 2 use the same reference point as a TLC Scanner 3/4: By default, you should put the plate in TLC Visualizer 2 application line first. If you are also looking inside the TLC Visualizer 2, it may be easier to disable this functionnality, to be able to put the plate front first.

Step parameters global lists

Several steps permits you to enter some user defined items. It is possible to delete unwanted item if they are not used.

You should first select one of the lists:

  • Plate manufacturer and stationary phase

  • ADC 2 and Chamber mobile phase

  • ADC 2 activation bottle content

  • AMD 2 solvent name

  • AMD 2 solvent manufacturer

  • AMD 2 solvent grade

All unused items of the select list will be displayed below, and you can delete each one by clicking on the button.