Installation of HPTLC PRO driver

The signed USB driver must be installed in order to use HPTLC PRO Modules.

  • Connect the HPTLC PRO Module by using a standard USB cable. The Module should appear as “Camag USB instrument” in the “Camag” group in the Windows Device Manager window.

By default, on a new PC running Windows 10, a HPTLC PRO Module is not recognized when connected by using a standard USB cable.

Indeed, the driver, which can be found in Drivers/HPTLC PRO, must be installed:

  • Under Device Manager, double-click on it and hit “Update driver…”

  • Select Browse my computer for driver software

  • Browse… to select the driver folder, and hit Next.

  • Confirm the installation, in case of some security warnings are displayed


The HPTLC PRO Module should appear immediately in visionCATS and in the HPTLC PRO Maintenance Tool.