What’s new in visionCATS 3.0

For a complete list of changes, please see the Changelog .


Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system for routine quality control


Fully automated sample analysis and evaluation system using HPTLC plates (20 x 10 cm). The HPTLC PRO SYSTEM (patented technology) is best suited for routine quality control of analytes extracted from complex matrices, providing reproducible and reliable results. It supports up to 75 samples, up to five plates, and up to three independent developing solvents without intervention. The possibility of derivatization, MS coupling, and plate storage are included.


New design

While visionCATS 2.5 was based on the Windows 7 design language, visionCATS 3.0 is based on the Material design language. This impacts all controls (texts, buttons, etc.) of all windows in visionCATS, as well as all icons.

The main menu has been moved to the left side and is collapsed by default. It is a usual hamburger menu which has sub-entries.


Edit Global Lists

The global lists already existed in visionCATS 2.5 as a specific tab in General Settings. They have been enhanced and moved to a new separate menu entry Tools -> Edit global lists:


See Global Lists Editor.

Remarks in methods

Remarks tab is now also available in methods.

Report in methods

Report can now also be generated in methods.


See Method’s report.

High DPI support

Unlike visionCATS 2.5, visionCATS 3.0 supports High DPI (usually activated by default on recent high-end laptops having a high resolution, or with UHD (4K) monitors).

New docking system

visionCATS 3.0 features a full and revamped docking system, where windows can be floating, docked, grouped, fixed or hidden automatically.


Explorer improvements

In progress items selection

With HPTLC PRO, the users will often have to (re)open analysis during or after the execution of HPTLC PRO Runs. Therefore, the analysis in progress must be simple to find and a new shortcut has been integrated in the Explorer view:


Update Database server

visionCATS now use Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express, the latest stable version of SQL Server. The Microsoft Extended Support End Date is 12-Oct-2027.


visionCATS’ installer will automatically do the update.

Support for Windows 7 is ending

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support Windows 7. Therefore, and because of the update to Microsoft SQL Server 2017, visionCATS will not be supported anymore on Windows 7.