Maintenance and troubleshooting

General maintenance

In order to maintain a high software quality CAMAG will provide updates and patches. You should always install the latest software version available.

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Issue: After resinstalling with different server and instrument service ports, no instrument service are available.

    WORKAROUND: Restart the service visionCATS Server.

  • Issue: Blue screen when capture image with TLC Visualizer on a Windows 10

    WORKAROUND: Go to Power Options/Choose what the power button does/Change settings that are currently available/Shutdown settings and disable the option “Turn on fast startup”

  • Issue: Profiles viewer stops responding when two or more viewers are visible at the same time (docking or multi windows)

    WORKAROUND: Close the corresponding analysis of the blocked viewer, and reopen it without another profiles viewer being visible.

  • Issue: The import of winCATS methods won’t import steps of instruments not supported in visionCATS, and some winCATS specific parameters will be ignored

    REASON: winCATS and visionCATS don’t exactly support the same set of instruments, and for each instrument, the exact same set of parameters WORKAROUND: After having imported some winCATS methods, visionCATS will inform the user when some steps are ignored. In all cases, please review the imported methods.

  • Issue: After changing of the Visualizer, a Visualizer cannot be executed in an analysis already having images

    REASON: Only one Visualizer can be used in an analysis WORKAROUND: Redo the analysis

  • Issue: After changing of the camera for a Visualizer, an already opened analysis with a Visualizer step waiting for execution, or Visualizer Manual control or OQ may behave strangely (using the old camera, bad image corrections…)

    WORKAROUND: Before changing of a camera, close all analyses with the next step as Visualizer and Visualizer views

  • Issue: After changing of the camera for a Visualizer, the Visualizer icon in the toolbox isn’t marked as having a bad Diagnostic

    WORKAROUND: Restart the client

  • Issue: While using two Visualizers on a single PC, one or both cameras aren’t detected, or the camera of one Visualizer seems to be connected to the other.

    WORKAROUND: We strongly suggest to use only one Visualizer per InstrumentService (PC)

  • Issue: No image appears in Data or in Comparison after the initial installation of visionCATS on the PC

    WORKAROUND: Restart Windows

  • Issue: Sequence table doesn’t allow to drag & drop a multi-selection

    WORKAROUND: Before clicking for drag and during the drag, hold SHIFT key for dragging a multi-selection

  • Issue: Application crashes after clicking on an image or opening a comparison

    WORKAROUND: Update your graphic driver to the latest version

  • Issue: After installation, no visionCATS is installed. Also, the SQLServer service may not want to start.

    WORKAROUND: Change the name of the user which installs the application, so that the username is different from PC and domain name

  • Issue: Instruments aren’t responding correctly

    WORKAROUND: Check if you have an Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL COM port on your machine, and disable the corresponding COM port in visionCATS/General Settings

  • Issue: visionCATS displays “Out of memory” with only around 1.2GB of 4GB memory used by visionCATS, on a 32-bit system

    WORKAROUND: use a 64-bit system

  • Issue: When using offline help, the display of some pages is very slow

    REASON: the page requests an online resource that is not accessible, causing the slow down WORKAROUND: use the online help when possible. If not possible, try using Chrome or Firefox (instead of Internet Explorer), where the slow down occurs less often.

  • Issue: visionCATS fails in Scanner/Scanner 3 Diagnostics if the Positioning-Test is started in the same session.

    REASON: Scanner data of the new test can not be stored for later processing. This does not invalidate the test results of the previous run. WORKAROUND: Close the current Scanner Instrument Tab and reopen it. Attention: just switching between the Tabs inside the Instrument Tab will not prevent the failure. You need to close the Instrument Tab.