Manual peak edition

The advanced peak edition functionalities are only available in single track mode. Therefore, if you want to adjust a peak, please select the corresponding track first.

  • btnPeakAdd Add one or more new peak(s). After activating the function by clicking on the button:

    1. Click where the peak should start on the profile.

    2. Click again where it should end.

    3. Other peaks can be added by repeating this process

    4. Moving the mouse cursor outside the Profiles viewer will stop the creation function.

  • btnPeakDel Delete the selected peak. It is also possible to delete a peak with the button btnDel in the peak list.

  • btnPeakClear Delete all peaks of the current track.


When a peak is manually added, or manually edited, it will be marked as manual peak with btnEdit in the peak list.

Peak’s start and end edition

When clicking on on a recognised peak, it will become editable (and selected). You can adjust the two vertical red lines for the start and the end of the peak.