Header logo only on the first page

  1. If you don’t have an user template yet, please first duplicate an existing template (see Report templates).

  2. Then download it to an empty folder. You will get a file structure like in Report temporary files structure (expect that neither PDF file or index.html would be present).

  3. Edit the pageHeader.html file, and change its contain with:

    <div class="pageHeader">
        <div class="logo">
            <img src="Images/logo.png" {{#ifCondNot headerFooter.page "1"}}hidden{{/ifCondNot}}/>
            <div style="height: 80px" {{#ifCond headerFooter.page "1"}}hidden{{/ifCond}}></div>
        <div class="pageHeaderText">
            <span class="pageHeaderLeft">
            <span class="pageHeaderRight">
  4. Upload the template in visionCATS and try it.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to reclaim the space of the logo, as wkhtmltopdf need an header of same height on all pages.