visionCATS is the CAMAG software to control and operate CAMAG sophisticated Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) instruments such as an ADC 2, Linomat 5, ATS 4, Scanner or Visualizer. Furthermore it allows one to gather data from instruments like the Visualizer and to facilitate and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of HPTLC/TLC plates or individual sample data.

visionCATS has the following features:

  • Unified and easy instrument control and operation

  • Multi-User capability with tracking of each user action

  • Client/Server installation – One central computer with all data (server) and multiple computers with program interface and data access on server (clients)

  • Enhanced instrument communication – Instrument status feedback

  • Quantitative evaluation support

  • Spectrum measurement support

  • Improved comparison viewer with images, profiles and spectra support to facilitate the comparison between analyses.

  • Better display of plate images

  • New sample and track view for each analysis

  • New fully configurable reporting system for analysis and comparison files

To guarantee the best possible quality of your analysis CAMAG tests and approves each installation.