Main window

When you first start visionCATS, the main screen is composed of the following elements (login first if User Management is enabled):


Window Elements:

The Toolboxes are available in MainToolbar ‣ Tools. They can be rearranged by dragging them into the desired space to customize the layout.

The opened files and administration windows can be rearranged too, which is useful on large monitors and/or when having to work on many files simultaneously. visionCATS integrates a classic docking system that supports split (horizontally and/or vertically) and floating windows as well as a navigation system though the opened documents.


System Status Bar


The status bar contains:

  • Last system log entry

  • Number of clients connected

  • Status of all instrument services:

    • Green: all connected

    • Orange: only some connected

    • Red: all disconnected

  • Login of current user

  • Name of the visionCATS server

  • Used memory by the client