Installation of USB to RS232 adapter

To control CAMAG instruments, a connection in-between the computer and the instrument has to be established. The CAMAG instruments are equipped with a serial port (RS232). Therefore the computer needs one or more (depending on the number of connected instruments) RS232 ports. If there is no RS232 port or not enough ports available, CAMAG provides you with an easy and fast solution. With this USB to RS232 adapter (CAMAG order no 958.0608) you can connect up to 4 instruments via one USB2 port.


USB to RS232 adapter

To install the adapter, simply connect the adapter, start the exe file found under USB to RS232 adapter on your visionCATS installation disc and proceed as indicated on the screen.

Troubleshooting for RS232 adapter

Cables are the most common sources of trouble with external devices. Check the following:

  • USB cable is properly inserted at both ends?

  • Computer and instrument power is ON?

  • Computer is not in Sleep or Standby?

  • If a USB Hub is used, be sure all cables are properly inserted

  • If all the above are OK, the Yellow LED should be lit, indicating the device has been recognized by the USB subsystem

RS232 cables – check the following:

  • Output signals (TXD, RTS, DTR) are connected to the respective inputs (RXD, CTS, DSR) in each direction (no inverted cables)

  • Check for specific handshake requirements of your RS232 peripheral

  • If handshake signals are not used, ensure the application is set to No Hardware Handshake, or equivalent

  • Test the port with a loop-back connector. Connect TXD to RXD, RTS to CTS and DTR to DSR. Use a simple terminal program to check that data is transmitted and received