Main explorer view

The visionCATS main window contains at least one tabbed document –the file explorer. All stored data in the software database can be accessed from the file explorer. In many ways, the file explorer works like the Windows Explorer, with a folder structure containing files and subfolders. By default, a “Home” folder is created with some sample files in it.


1.Contents of the current folder

  • Lists the files in the currently selected folder

  • Aside from the location and name, the File Types and File Status are displayed for each file, as well as other important informations

  • Select a file to display its Preview view

  • Right-click on a file or use the Main Toolbar to access to the available File Actions

  • Double-click to open a file or a folder

  • Drag/drop a file or a folder to move it

3. History

  • View the history of opened folders

  • Go back/forward in this history

4. Status bar

  • See general informations about the file explorer

5. Sort options

  • Sort the currently displayed items by using different criterias

6. Search options

Simple search shortcuts

The section also contains shortcuts for the most common search operations:

  • Search for recent items

    • Choose between one day, ont week, one month or one year

    • Use this option to find items created, modified or imported recently

  • Search for My items to find items created, modified or imported by the current user

  • Use one of the explorer file type icon to filter by item type (folder, method, analysis, winCATS analysis or comparison)

  • Use one of the colored square to filter by category