Preview view


Click on a file in the Main explorer view to preview it in the bottom pane. The preview displays the main contents of the file in a condensed and (mainly) read-only form, designed to quickly understand what the file contains without having to open it.

  • For methods, analysis, analysis coming from winCATS and comparisons:

    • The Notes field allows you to provide a global comment on the file itself, which will be displayed directly in the Main explorer view

  • For methods, analysis and comparisons:

    • The Tab to display first combo box can be used to quickly search specific information when browsing a set of files

  • For methods and analysis

    • The main contents of the sequence table are shown in the left panel

    • The step sequence is displayed on the top panel, with tooltips containing the main field values for each step

    • The SST tab displays the SST substances defined

    • The Evaluation tab displays the substances defined in each evaluation

    • The E-Signature tab on the right panel displays the full E-Signature of the file

  • For analysis

    • The Images and Scans tabs displays a small preview of the Visualizer images and Scanner profiles

    • The Spectrum tab contains a simple 2D view of the spectra measured in the analysis, with the ability to browse the different substances

    • The Evaluation tab contains additional information compared to the one of the method: the overall progression of the evaluations and the results obtained for each substance, if any

  • For comparisons

    • The Image tab gives a tabular view and a small preview of the image tracks of the comparison

    • The Profile and Spectrum tabs give a tabular view too, and the profiles/spectra are displayed in a 2D viewer having the ability to zoom and to display additional information in tooltips