Tracks View


The track view shows all available data (image tracks, track scans), one track at a time across different wavelengths/illuminations.

  1. Tracks sequence

  • Select the track to display in the grid. This will refresh the parts (C) and (D).

  • When Scanner Profiles is selected:

    • The (A) part displays a tree view where you can select a wavelength to display in (C) for the track selected. Use it to browse the track across the different plate states/wavelengths available. Get a multi-wavelength view for the selected track and for a single step by clicking directly on it (see following capture).

    • The (D) part is hidden.

    • Profiles generated from Visualizer images are not displayed.

  • When Image Profiles is selected:

    • If the profiles has been generated from Visualizer step images, then the (C) part is displayed.

    • The (D) part is displayed.

  1. DataView Toolbar (limited)

  2. Profile of selected track at selected illumination, see Profiles viewer

    • A click on an RF scale (top of (C) or bottom of (D)) creates an RF line which can be useful to compare RF positions and absoption/luminance across different wavelength, illuminations and plate states. RF Lines are saved in the analysis.

  3. Track Image of selected track at all available illumination

    • The list of all track images, shown horizontally. A right click on an image allows you to export it to an image file.