Configure network share for scheduled backup


The following configuration will only work if you have Active Directory, i.e. the computers should be in a domain.

Network architecture


For saving backup on a network share, you will need two computers in the same domain:

  • Computer A: with visionCATS server

    In the following screenshots, it will be CMVISIONTEST01.

  • Computer B: a file server with a network share

    In the following screenshots, it will be CM463PB-WS10.

Setting backup folder

On computer A, if the network share don’t exist or don’t have correct rights, it will be marked as an unaccessible folder:


Creating the network share with correct rights


The network share would be created on computer B.

You need to open Windows’s Computer Management to add the share folder:


After selecting the Shares item, click on New Share in the Action menu. A wizard will be launched:


Choose the local folder to be shared:


Choose the name of the share:


Select Customize permissions and then click on Custom…:


A new user should be added by clicking on Add:


Click on Object Types…:


You need to check Computers


Now you can type (and use Check Names) the computer A name:


Give the Full Control to computer A.


You can remove the group Everyone if needed:


Finish the wizard:


The share now exists:


Setting backup folder: retry

Now you should be able to select the network share, and it would be marked as available:



As network share drive mapping is user specific, it will not work for the backup, the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) address should be used.