Installation of TLC Visualizer 2 camera

Camera driver installation

  • Browse the visionCATS disc for the correct driver (bdriver_usb64.msi or bdriver_usb64_w10.msi for Windows 10) and install it

  • Connect the camera with the computer

  • Restart your pc

If the Visualizer is not recognized by visionCATS check the following:

  • Is the instrument switched on?

  • Is the camera (USB3) and the Visualizer (serial) connected with the pc?

  • Is the green light at the camera on?

  • Is the firmware of camera and Visualizer up to date?


Some USB3 controllers have some issues with the camera, like the Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller. The camera will not be anymore recognized after the PC was in sleep or hibernate mode. In this case, restart the machine.