Remarks tab allow you to add formatted text (like any word processor) to an analysis, when the data can not be put in a standard visionCATS field. It is particulary useful for adding data for external software (like mass spectrometry data).


The remarks is not the same field as the notes field displayed in Main explorer view.

Editing features

  • Rich Text Formatting

    Remarks control allows you to apply diffent rich formatting options. You can find some of them listed below.

    • Bold, Italic

    • Underline, Strike Through, Superscript and Subscript

    • Usage of all available system fonts

    • Text color and background

    • Bullet and numbered lists

    • Paragraph alignment and indentation

    • Show/Hide formatting symbols

    • Clear Formatting

  • Inserting pictures, symbols, hyperlinks and custom UI elements

  • Table support

    The control allows you to display and create tables. This feature includes also support for nested tables, merging cells, setting different RowSpan and ColumnSpan, tables with auto width, header row repeating on new pages, and more.

  • Spell Checker

    Spell checking is available for US English.

  • Printing

  • Multi-level Undo/Redo Support

  • Rich-text clipboard

    The control allows rich text copy/paste from the clipboard. This includes rich text copied from applications like Word, OpenOffice etc.

  • Import/export

    The control allows you to load XAML, HTML, RTF, DOCX (rich-text) or TXT (plain text) into the control, you can format and edit it and then export it back to any of the above formats. The control also supports export to PDF.

  • Bibliographic references

    This feature can be used for referencing a source in the form of text or pointing the source of a citation.

  • Captions for tables and figures

    Images, tables, etc. can now be easily labeled.


As the Remarks content is add by default in the Report, some limitations exist:

  • Heading level start at 3 (1 and 2 are reserved for Report structure).

  • Some advanced formatting may not be display exactly like intended.


Adding a lot of picture in Remarks can slow down the rendering in Report.