visionCATS 2.5


  • In Explorer

    • New advanced search in Explorer, with many new filters

    • Improved Explorer recent items

    • Explorer item’s notes is now seperate from sequence table notes

  • In evaluation:

    • New version of the Gauss peak detection algorithm

    • Export of results as CSV file

    • New concentration unit choices (volume concentration, molar)

    • New limit test mode “at”

    • The export of the calibration curve image now gives the user the ability to export the legend or not

  • In Comparison

    • Comparison has now also a remark tab

    • Comparison Profile Wavelength view, can display tracks at several wavelength

    • Comparison Profile has now an easy mode

    • Comparison Profile is now able to detect peaks

  • Instruments

    • For Visualizer/Visualizer 2, a warning will now be display during execution (and in Images View) if HDRI capture fails (exposure time too long).

    • Visualizer 2 is now able to take HDRI image with the longest exposure up to 60 seconds

    • To facilitate the management of AMD2 steps, a copy/paste function has been added to the Gradient tab

    • For Linomat5, the “Dosage speed” upper limit is now 1000nl/s.

  • In SST

    • Display corrected tracks instead of raw data

    • The SST table now has an optional “Min. Height” field which corresponds to the miminum required height of the peak detected in the Rf range of the SST item

  • Method, analysis and comparison’s log can now be added to the item report (previous specific export is removed)

  • Analysis’s Tracks view, for scanner profiles, can display one track at several wavelength, with a color coding for each wavelength

  • Ability to open item as (or execute as), to use another visionCATS user than the currently logged in

  • Possibility to send notification (email) to the user when an instrument step is finish (current user or ‘open as’ user)

  • Backup tool can restore backup made with previous versions

  • In user managment, existing imported users from Windows can now be updated

  • Profile viewer is now able to be used in two or more view in the same time (docking or multi windows)

  • visionCATS Diagnostics offer now an overview of the status of the client and server

  • Backup Tool is now able to restore database backups coming from old versions of visionCATS

  • Online instrument documentation available

  • To help the documentation of the installed system, it’s now possible to export the general settings view as an image

  • A new “Service Tool” is now available for support after install

  • Image thumbnails are now stored as file and not anymore in database (database files are therefore a lot smaller for big installations)

  • Installer:

    • During installation, port of visionCATS client is now also configurable

    • After visionCATS upgrade, the license should now be re-activated

    • When installing or uninstalling visionCATS, the installer now has an “Export installation logs” image button

Bug fixes

  • Added missing sample reference amount data in report

visionCATS 2.4


  • New reporting system, ability to configure the global styles and to define custom report templates for analysis and comparisons

  • Automatic SST detection and check

  • In evaluation:

    • Reproducibility support

    • Limit test support

    • Track profile subtraction in evaluation integration

  • New “Remarks” tab in analysis

  • Manual detector mode and partial scan support for TLC Scanner 3 and TLC Scanner 4 steps

  • New “Server only” option available when installing visionCATS

  • TLC ADC 2 manual control support

  • Major performance improvements on large visionCATS installations

visionCATS 2.3 SP1


  • Updated visionCATS Packages (individual options aren’t selectable anymore)

  • Improved Request Key UI

Bug fixes

  • Corrected license issue with Method Library

  • Correction for AMD2

visionCATS 2.3


  • TLC Visualizer 2 support

  • Derivatizer support (documentation)

  • SST is now display track profiles, SST is also possible with TLC Scanner 3/4 data

  • Instrument could have a nickname (for easier selection), and unconnected could be hidden

visionCATS 2.2


  • Full AMD 2 Integration (step definition and execution, manual control, diagnostics)

  • Manual peak integration in evaluations (add, update bounds, delete and assign peaks individually)

  • Profile comparison between plates (with overlay view, flat view, flip mode and integration parameters)

  • Spectrum comparison between plates (with overlay view, individual/multiple spectrum display for a substance, maximums computation and display)

  • Related substances support in evaluations, in 3 modes

  • Internal standard correction support in evaluations

  • Many other functionalities, like:

    • Enhanced export to comparison feature (for images, profiles and spectrums)

    • Enhanced comparison handling (display/hide elements, Overview section, undo/redo support, color configuration)

    • Profile normalization

    • Maximums in spectrum measurements

    • PDF map in report export and navigation links for samples in report

    • Enhanced image export functions

    • New user options

    • New global options and management of global lists

    • Contextual help button

  • Many GUI related improvements, like:

  • In the 3D Viewer (toolbar, zoom function, selection style)

  • Structure of the user interface in comparison files

  • Evaluation integration display modes

  • Small enhancements in Explorer

visionCATS 2.1


  • Spectrum scanning by using TLC Scanner 4 or TLC Scanner 3 instruments

  • Ability to control the sequence type (Sample or Reference) for each evaluation

  • Scanner advanced mode : when using a scanner step in multi-wavelength mode, it’s now possible to set the lamp, filter and mode for each wavelength

  • Many GUI-related improvements in the quantitative evaluation part

  • Folder backups and restore in the Explorer view

  • Dual wavelength

  • CV value (coefficient of variation) is displayed instead of σ (sigma, Standard deviation) for calibration function and sample results

Bug fixes

  • Corrected restore to include scans, winCATS analysis and method collection entries

visionCATS 2.0 SP2

Bug fixes

  • Corrected backup to include scans, wincats analysis and method collection entries, and corrected rights issue with backup to folder

  • Corrected report generation when evaluation’s smoothing, baseline or peak detection is disabled

  • Included area information in export peak, and removed condition to have the “Data Export” option in order to perform an export

  • Display a correct message when importing a corrupted license key

  • Scanner OQ Monochromator test: Text Bandwith -> Bandwidth; New calculation for 20nm Bandwidth

  • Lino5 no longer skips tracks

  • Correction in 1.3-1.4 migration

  • Scanner OQ crash when scanner OQ completed, or when positioning test is started a 2nd time

  • winCATS import: corrected several bugs

  • Data view : Corrected an error when track sequencer goes outside of the image

visionCATS 2.0 SP1

Bug fixes

  • Evaluation’s concentration can now be entered with unit of choice, fg/ml is now possible

  • Corrected several minors bugs in evaluation

  • DNS queries for client/server communications have now fallback in case of unknown host

  • Slow network will now not remove edited lock

  • Corrected instrument progress display

  • Improved some sections of help

visionCATS 2.0


  • Integration of the CAMAG scanner3 and scanner4 instruments

  • Support of multiple quantitative evaluations with the scanner instrument

  • Support of multiple image based evaluations with the visualizer

  • 21CFR11 compliance

  • Import of winCATS data in a viewing mode

  • Support of multiple application steps

  • Possibility to define report templates

  • Supports electronic signatures

  • SST extended to scanner data

  • Online help

visionCATS 1.4 SP2

Bug fixes

  • Time handling for the license registration

  • Correction of a specific bug during the migration

  • Restore of a visionCATS backup on a foreign system

  • Report improvements for 20x20 plates

  • Display additional image parameters in the report

  • Bug correction in the sequence table

visionCATS 1.4 SP1

Bug fixes

  • Migration from 1.3 (specifically license and Visualizer correction images)

  • SST definition and export/import

  • Backup and restore

  • Method library available with new SST features

  • Panel resizing, docking, small screen resolution

visionCATS 1.4


  • New explorer with preview functionality

  • Clean plate correction integrated in the comparison viewer

  • New layout for the reports

  • The visionCATS server can be installed in a virtual environment

  • Optimization of the image loading using the GPU

  • Handling of the instrument and COM ports reworked

  • Integration of the CAMAG Method Library, service provided by the CAMAG Laboratory

visionCATS 1.3

  • Initial version