Images View

The main goals of the Images view are:

  1. Plate images navigation

    The thumbnail list of available plate images is sorted and grouped chronologically (last images first) or alternatively for each illumination type. After you select one thumbnail image you can also navigate through the images list using arrow keys up/down.

  2. DataView Toolbar

  3. Plate image display

    The selected image in the navigation pane (A) is displayed here, as well as the annotations, arrows, Rf tips, Rf tool, track sequence, track labels and/or exposure range, depending on the tools used in the DataView Toolbar. A right click on the image gives a quick access to some image and Rf tool related operations:

  1. Status bar

    Some information about the current image is displayed here. Place the mouse pointer to a desired position on the image to see the corresponding Rf/mm positions and color information.

  2. Zoom