Maintenance and troubleshooting

General maintenance

In order to maintain a high software quality CAMAG will provide updates and patches. You should always install the latest software version available.

Service Tool

On the server, a visionCATSServiceTool.exe will be installed. It should only be used to get log files when no visionCATS client is working. See The Get debug logs functionality.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Troubleshooting USB connection errors for HPTLC PRO Modules

When a HPTLC PRO Module is connected to the host PC, it follows the standard USB connection process performed by the Windows operating system. This process can fail for various reasons. This section describes the main steps to follow in order to troubleshoot the vast majority of issues:

  1. Check that the HPTLC PRO Module is powered on (front LED switched on) and that the right module is connected to the right PC.

  2. Check whether the issue comes from the USB cable, by trying to connect the HPTLC PRO Module with another USB cable. The USB cable might be damaged in some way (visible or not, even if it is brand new). Some USB cables do not follow the USB standard (for example, the length of the cable should not exceed 5m). Please use only standard USB cables.

  3. If the PC detects the USB connection but fails to set up the device, try to reinstall the USB driver manually (see Installation of HPTLC PRO drivers).

  4. Check whether the issue comes from the USB port on the PC, by trying to connect on another USB port. Note that some chipsets can prevent HPTLC PRO Modules from being correctly recognized by Windows. Some USB hubs (internal or external) can also cause issues. Therefore, trying different kind of USB ports (front and back on the PC, USB 3 and USB 2) may help. If no USB port is working, consider adding a PCI-USB card to the PC.

  5. Check whether the issue comes from the PC, by trying to connect on another PC. In rare situations, performing pending Windows Updates or reinstalling Windows will also resolve the issue.

  6. Check whether the issue comes from the HPTLC PRO Module itself, by connecting another HPTLC PRO Module. CAMAG always performs USB connection tests when mounting the module, but the module can still be damaged for example during the transport.

  7. If none of the steps above did work, please contact your CAMAG reseller.


By default, Windows can put USB controllers to sleep, see Disable USB selective suspend setting to disable it.