Profiles viewer

Profiles, either from TLC Scanner 3/4 or TLC Visualizer data, are displayed in several places in the analysis file, either in 2D view or in 3D view.


In some cases, the view is blocked in 2D, several functionalities are then unavailable

The viewer is visible in:



The Profiles viewer needs DirectX 11, therefore it will not work on a PC having its accelerated graphics disabled or during a Remote Desktop session. You will see the error “3D view not available on this system or on Remote Desktop session” in these cases.


  • Red axis: 𝑅ꜰ axis showing the profile from application to front

  • Green axis: AU axis

  • Track number axis (only in 3D)

Viewing modes

  • line toggle between line only and band display of the profiles

  • unit toggle between 𝑅ꜰ and mm unit for scale

  • collapse toggle between collapsing or not the space of the hidden tracks