• Project Explorer (KeyF9): The project explorer lets you directly access files and folders with the usual tree view.

See Project Explorer Toolbox for more information.

  • Instruments (KeyF10): A list of instruments installed on the system.

See Instruments Toolbox for more information.

  • System Log (KeyF11): The system log toolbox shows a history of recent system activities.

See System Log Toolbox for more information.

Other tools

  • Edit Substances / Vials (KeyF12): The Vial/Substance Editor allows you to manage the vials and substances of your visionCATS system.

See Vial/Substance Editor for more information.

  • Edit global lists (KeyF8): The editor contains the new lists for HPTLC PRO Modules, and the previously available lists of the other instruments.

See Global Lists Editor for more information.

  • Full System Log : The System Logger logs automatically the important actions made by the users of the visionCATS software.

See System logger for more information.

  • Method Library : The CAMAG Method Library is a repository of methods that you can download directly to your visionCATS installation.

See Method Library for more information.