Status colors


The status of a HPTLC PRO SYSTEM is represented by a background color in HPTLC PRO SYSTEM status, CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM Configuration and CAMAG® HPTLC PRO SYSTEM Details:

  • Standard color (black): the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM is ready. Runs can be added and sequences can be executed.

  • Gray: the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM is offline. The HPTLC PRO administrator takes the system offline during HPTLC PRO SYSTEM setup and maintenance (firmware upgrade).

  • Dark khaki: the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM is locked. The HPTLC PRO SYSTEM supervisor locks the system to perform consumables changes, diagnostic execution and manual control operations.

  • Orange: The HPTLC PRO SYSTEM is not initialized. This occurs essentially during the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM initialization.

  • Red: An error occurred on the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM. Various errors can occur during the HPTLC PRO SYSTEM initialization and the sequence execution. Refer to the associated error description for more details.

HPTLC PRO Module status

The status of HPTLC PRO Modules corresponds to the main LED button on the instrument:

  • White: initialization (during internal module initialization and while the feeder is not initialized)

  • Blue: busy (conveyor, feeder, or executing a step)

  • Red: a critical error occurred in the module (reset necessary)

  • Blue (blinking): recovery after an abort (during a step or a manual control operation)

  • Cyan: air pressure low or door opened

  • Green: ready

  • Magenta: the visionCATS Conveyor Manager has determined that the module needs attention. For example, an unexpected carrier was put on the conveyor and must be removed. Refer to additional details provided in visionCATS for more details.