Multiple application steps

In some situations, it is interesting not to perform the application of all vials in the same way on a single plate.

It is possible in visionCATS to perform several applications steps in a single analysis, but not all combinations are possible. Essentially, it is not possible to combine different rack types (between ATS 4 and HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION), and, given the nature of HPTLC PRO, it is not possible to combine module APPLICATION steps with other application steps.

When multiple application steps are defined in an analysis, the user must choose which vial is applied for each application step:

  • Each application step must at least apply one vial (otherwise it will do nothing)

  • A vial cannot be applied by several application steps

  • A warning will appear if, after the last application steps, some vials remain unapplied

In the following example, 2 module APPLICATION steps were defined. The Instructions part of the Chromatography tab allows to perform the assignation of the vials to each step: