File Status

Each row of the explorer represents an explorer item which can be associated with the following statuses:

  • statusLocked The read-only mode has been set by someone. Consequently, the file can be opened but the Save action is not allowed. An user who has the Set read-only flag right can remove the read-only flag on the file and then modify it.

  • statusEdited In order to preserve the integrity of the files, visionCATS prevents many users from modifying the same file concurrently. This state indicates that someone is already editing the file. Consequently, the file can only be opened in read-only mode.


If an user was editing the file and if visionCATS stopped working unexpectedly (possible causes are: power off/reset of the machine, unexpected Windows error, unexpected visionCATS error), the server unlocks the file automatically after a few seconds.

  • statusLockedNonUnsettable The file is protected, i.e. it’s in a read-only mode that can’t be unset.

This happens in the following cases:

  • When importing a file having an e-signature on a foreign system

  • When deploying an item coming from the Method Library

  • On some of the sample files added by default when installing visionCATS

  • statusFinished The analysis is finished (all steps are executed).

  • statusSealed The file has a copyright. It can be edited only on the visionCATS installation where the copyright has been set. On other systems, the file will be locked.

  • statusImport The file has been created by using the import function or by deploying an item of the Method Library. This applies to all File Types except folders.

  • statusESignPartial The file is partially signed : an e-Signature is defined but its level is inferior to the highest level. This applies to methods and analysis files. See E-Signature for more details.

  • statusESignFull The file is fully signed : an e-Signature in the highest level is defined. This applies to methods and analysis files. See E-Signature for more details.

  • statusESignIncompatible The file is signed, but its e-Signature is not compatible with the E-Signature settings defined on the current system. This happens if the e-Signature levels and/or names have changed, or if the analysis is imported from a foreign system. This applies to methods and analysis files. See E-Signature for more details.

  • statusArchived The file is archived. This applies to all File Types. See Deletion of data for more details.

  • statusReexecutionBlocked Execution of new steps is prohibited in this analysis because an abort occurred. See Steps data loss and steps reexecution.