Global Lists Editor


The editor contains the new lists for HPTLC PRO Modules, and the previously available lists of the other instruments:


The lists are of two type: either simple name list or set of parameters specific to each solvent or solution. For the set of parameters type, the one recommend by CAMAG are read only. Also, the parameters columns of each list is fixed.

For example, when Acetone is selected as HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION sample solvent the corresponding Dosage speed, Needle distance to plate and Filling speed are automatically applied in HPTLC PRO Module APPLICATION step parameters:




Whenever a global list is used in other place of the software, it is always possible to open directly the editor on the correct list with the goto button. It is useful when a new entry is needed while editing parameters.


  • refresh Refresh the display

  • add Create a new entry

  • rename Rename the name of the entry

  • delete Delete the entry (only possible if unused)