Global Configuration



Exposure normalization for images

When checked (default value), the Normalize exposure will automatically be activated for HDRI image. This means that even if the analysis was saved with normalization disabled (or Clarify enabled), visionCATS will enforce that the normalization is enabled. If you don’t want this behavior, you can uncheck this option.

Exposure normalization range on track

Select the default track for exposure normalization, depending on your needs.

TLC Visualizer 2/3 use the same reference point as a TLC Scanner 3/4

By default, you should put the plate in TLC Visualizer 2/3 application line first. If you are also looking inside the TLC Visualizer 2/3, it may be easier to disable this functionality, to be able to put the plate front first.

TLC Visualizer (any version) use a smaller ROI for auto exposure

By default, any version of the TLC Visualizer will use a smaller ROI (region of interest) than in previous visionCATS versions for searching the exposure area in auto exposure mode, to be compatible with CAMAG® HPTLC PRO Module DERIVATIZATION.


In some rare not standard plate layout, the older ROI should be used. The smaller ROI will discard a margin of 12 mm left and right of the edges of the plate.

User management

This part allows to activate/deactivate the user management and to configure the associated options for the whole installation.


Users and groups can be configured in the dedicated User management configuration windows. See User Management.


If the Use user management box is not checked, the user visionCATS_user will be used automatically.

In a similar way to Microsoft Windows, you can set policies for a more secure system:

  • Minimum user id length

    The minimum amount of characters of the user id

  • Force a password change on first use

  • Force securer password

    The minimum number of rules that a password must follow.


    • your password must have an lower case letter

    • your password must have an upper case letter

    • your password must have a number

    • your password must have a special character

    With any level selected, Force securer password will enforce that the password is different than the user id.

  • Minimum password length

    The minimum amount of characters that a password must have

  • Allow re-use password after

    The user can reuse an old password after using others

  • Force change every

    After this time the user must change their password

  • Lock account after

    Max amount of failed logins, after that the account is locked automatically

  • User should re-enter password after switching to an “open as” item

    If checked (default), the user must re-enter his password every time he click on a open as tab.


Don’t forget to save the changes!


The notification functionality sends an email to the user when a step execution is finished.


Manual instrument step don’t send notification.


To configure this functionality:

  • Fill the SMTP server parameters (SMTP and Exchange allowed). Not all parameters are needed, depending on your email system. Please consult your IT administrator or your Email provider.

  • Use the notification’s sender name, email subject prefix and sender email address in conjunction to rules in your client email application in order to process the emails appropriately

  • In User table, fill the new Email address field:


  • Use the Send email to current user button to test the configuration.