Exchanging files with other visionCATS installations

As file management in visionCATS isn’t relying on the operating system filesystem, any exchange with other visionCATS installations must be done with the import/export feature.


Import can be initiated from the menus (see Import item(s) for more details), or by:

  • drag and drop: drag files from Windows File Explorer (or similar programs) and drop them over the current folder list or the navigation bar.

  • Open (i.e. double click) on a visionCATS file in Windows File Explorer (or similar programs), it will activate visionCATS (and start it if not already running).

In all cases, the following Import popup will be displayed.



It is possible to import files from older visionCATS versions (if the version is still supported by the current visionCATS).

Unsupported data

All data of the item is imported, except the parameters of global list items (see Global Lists Editor). In such case, a warning would be displayed:


The issue will also be visible in the Instrument step parameters, see Common features.


Export can only be done from the menus (see Export file for more details).

Exporting a folder or a file will in both cases display the Save as Windows dialog.


Export will always be made as current visionCATS version, therefore, it is not possible to send that to an older visionCATS installation.